“The Soft Spot” - Dalmatian with Diva Bunny



It was amidst an impromptu photoshoot with Mesa and her Appaloosa pony, Mini, that the bond between a girl & her special pony, and a Handmade Heifer Blanket share unique similarities…

A Handmade Heifer Blanket represents a safe haven, a retreat from the world where one can find peace and relaxation. Similarly, the relationship with a girl and her pony can offer a sense of security and a companion through whom she can navigate the complexities of life with.

Both a cozy, handcrafted blanket and the bond between a girl and her horse serve as reminders of the comfort, peace and unconditional acceptance available to us, often in the simplest forms, enriching our lives with their presence.

Treat yourself to unconditional coziness. Treat yourself to a Handmade Heifer Blanket.

This special creation is created from a silky, medium-weight, luxe Dalmatian minky and a plush, cooling, memory foam-like Bunny minky, in the neon diva color. Both materials are extremely cozy and cooling, providing THE ULTIMATE luxury in blanket form. 

Available in the following sizes:

Baby 35” x 28”

Travel 36” x 60” 

Adult 70” x 55” 

XL 80” x 55”

Mega 90” x 55”

This item is made to order. Our company hand crafts each & every product from raw minky materials in the state of Texas. Please allow 4-6 weeks production time. 

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