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Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we have a LIVE Facebook Sale with 50 plus items varying from blankets of all sizes to home decor! Be sure to join us for ready to ship items, giveaways, and endless fun! We do have rules and regulations like every other auction! Please read the rules and regulations listed below before participating.

  1. When you commit to making a purchase on a LIVE SALE item there are no exchanges later in the sale.
  2. Committing to an item on a LIVE SALE means you will follow through with paying for said item. No requests of taking item off your invoice will be accepted. 
  3. Non-payment results in a ban from LIVE SALES or your comments/bids not being honored. 
  4. Your item will be shipped to the address on the order. You can update your address from the Payment Confirmation Screen after checkout.
  5. Committing to an item on a LIVE SALE and then backing out will result in a ban or your comments/bids not being acknowledged. 
  6. LIVE SALES are posted on our wall so if you’d like a picture of your item after the sale you can watch the video and take a screen shot. All items go directly to shipping after sale and we are unable to unpackaged and take pictures. 
  7. If you have questions regarding something other than the LIVE SALE please direct those to messenger. Our response time on messenger is very quick and you will be answered. 
  8. Giveaways will be shipped within 5-7 business days of the sale. Please do not request pictures or a specific item for your giveaway.

These guidelines help our sales and shipping run smoothly and efficiently. Non-payers are noted and will not be tolerated.