Black Aztec Bull Pillow


It takes a fancy set of heifers to produce a first class bull.

The Handmade Heifer would like to present to you, our home-grown version of a first class bull.

Your home can now be sprinkled with Cowboy Couture with our release of The Handmade Bull. This devine bovine upgrades your space by making a remarkable statement not only by the shape, but the size of this pillow also. This refined pillow shape is the most ethical way to create style with a bull skull… and comfortable too. Seize the opportunity to create a trendy aesthetic in your home with a bold piece. With measurements of 32” tip to tip on its horns, this pillow is impressive even by live cattle standards.  The uniqueness of this bull is prevalent with the exclusive Handmade Heifer minky material exterior and an interior filling of poly that is fluffy & comfortable beyond your typical accent pillow.

Our Texas based company stays strong to our western lifestyle core values & the statement, “everything is bigger in Texas” is profoundly observed in this masterpiece.

We envision this adorning your home as the focal point in your master suite or placed effortlessly on your living room furniture for an upgrade in style. Place this show-stopper in a basket or on your fireplace to enhance the room. Transform any space with an elegant & high-end, ranchy approach to luxury.

Allow a short two week production time. Final product measures 32” by 22”.


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